Light It, Shoot It, and Retouch It!
Saturday, February 4th
Scott Kelby is one of the top names in Photoshop training and Photography education. Scott uses his easy style to train and educate millions on how to take better photographs and how to create exciting and dynamic images in Photoshop. His program brings his most popular on-line classes to life in this amazing presentation where you learn it all; the lighting, the shooting, and the retouching. You'll see everything unfold with different lighting set-ups and looks. You're right there as he takes you through the entire shoot, tweaking the lighting and working with the model, then he takes those very same images into Photoshop where he shares his very latest portrait retouching techniques, so you can see just how easy and fast the entire process is.


Shooting With Extraordinary Style and Creating Amazing Images!
Sunday, February 5th
Widely regarded as one of the top five wedding photographers in the world, Jerry Ghionis' theatrical and iconic images have redefined modern wedding photography. From his legendary award-winning albums to his incredible images, Jerry Ghionis has become one of the most recognized photographers in our industry. He'll be sharing ideas with you on developing a style that builds trust with your clients and allows you to capture images that are extraordinary! You need to understand that natural magic and the power you possess as a photographer to create images that never compromise the emotion, individualism or beauty of each client. Let Jerry be your inspiration in taking your photography to its highest level. You will be "blown away" by his presentation — that's a promise!


Embracing Photography's Future
Friday, February 3rd
Vincent, a three-time winner at the prestigious 2010 Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, is a director and Pulitzer Prize— winning photographer who is known for his forward-thinking approach to image-making and storytelling. In addition to having been commissioned by just about every important international publication—including Vanity Fair, The New York Times Magazine, National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, Time, Newsweek, and Life—Vincent is considered a pioneer both for his innovative tilt-shift and aerial photography and in the field of HD-capable DSLR cameras. Vincent will be sharing ideas to help you adapt to the ever-changing technology landscape and bring your story-telling ability to an exciting new level.


Finding The Freedom To Succeed!
Friday, February 3rd
Sarah is a highly-acclaimed speaker, author, MBA and coach who has inspired thousands of boutique business owners to use beautiful marketing concepts and take their business to the next level. Sarah's program is your opportunity to resolve your business issues quickly and get a jump start on the New Year. Learn how strategic decisions affect the growth of your business. From pricing strategy, promotional ideas, customer service, hiring and more, Sarah's program will help you with your biggest business building challenges. Learn how to change your life as a photographer so you can compete with low priced photographers in your market, make a good living and still enjoy your family time. It's a great time to reassess your marketing strategy and consider new methods for increasing sales and attracting more clients in 2012. Sarah's program is a MUST SEE for anyone wanting to grow an exciting photography business.


Become the Coolest Studio in Town w/Senior Portraits ;
Friday, February 3rd
Kirk Voclain is one of the most acclaimed high school senior photographers and educators in the industry. His engaging, humorous, yet always informative style will bring smiles to your face and profits to your back pocket. Kirk is one of the top portrait photographers in the country, honored with numerous Fuji and Kodak Masterpiece Awards. Kirk is published in many popular photography magazines and has spoken at several national and state conventions. When he isn't shooting, Kirk manages Pro4uM.com, an online community he founded for professional photographers. In his program Kirk is going to get you thinking about how to put real energy into your high school senior sessions. He'll tie it all together with techniques for lighting and posing as well. It doesn't matter what your photographic specialty might be — this is about having fun with your subjects and knowing the results so well that you never have to second guess and wonder if you got the shot. Remember, you don't need to lock in an entire high school to build a reputation and create a profitable revenue stream within the high school senior market. You just need a handful of kids who love your work!


Survival and Growth in a Tough Economy
Sunday, February 5th
One of the most widely respected industry leaders in this profession with stints as CEO of Hasselblad and WPPI, Skip Cohen is President/ Founder of Marketing Essentials International, a marketing consulting firm specializing in projects dedicated to photography. Just because the media keeps telling us it's going to be a tough year, doesn't mean it has to be! There are so many tools at your disposal to help revitalize your photography business, but it won't happen if you let the economy drag you down. In this marketing program, Skip takes a practical look at social media, publicity, cross-promotions, community involvement, websites, direct mail and especially diversification. There are so many things you can be doing now that will give you a quick return on your investment — and in most cases the cost is just your time! What good is creating the greatest images of your life if nobody knows who you are?


A Passion For Fashion: Reaching the Top Tiers Of Your Creativity
Friday, February 3rd
Lindsay, based in New York City, has for 10 years owned and operated a portrait and wedding studio distinguished by its 'fashion flair' approach to imagery. As a New York fashion photographer, her editorials have appeared in dozens of publications internationally. Each year Lindsay teaches thousands of photographers at national venues such as Photo Plus Expo, WPPI, and Imaging USA. Lindsay will show you how she draws inspiration from studying the masters of fashion photography; Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, Albert Watson, Helmut Newton. Her incredible standard for art and quality is unsurpassed in the images she produces. Lindsay says, "Spend your life doing what you love most. Focus your efforts on making those sweetest moments take up as much time as possible." Let her show you how in this outstanding program on Fashion Photography.


THINK LIKE AN ARTIST and Become a Creative Force
Saturday, February 4th
For over 26 years Joel worked with many of the top advertising agencies across the globe such as Arizona Office of Tourism, AT&T, The Discovery Chanel, Goldman Sachs, Hewlett Packard, Honda, Hyatt, Sony, Visa, Volvo, and most recently Red Bull. Over the years his assignments have taken him to every state across the USA and to over fifty countries around the globe. Joel's program will get your creative fires burning bright. This program is reserved for the creative mind. It's a must for those who want to take the mystery out of using strobe lighting - THINK LIKE AN ARTIST and become a creative force. Joel will be covering how to use all sorts of modifiers while working from an intuitive, emotional approach. This is without question the key to the whole creative process. You will be presented with ways on how to develop your personal creative vision that is unique to you. In addition, Joel will mesmerize you with his amazing Photoshop techniques used to enhance his photographs, including the HDR techniques used for all his backgrounds. Joel holds back nothing in this revealing insight to his photographic process.


Master Your Speed Lights For Amazing Results!
Sunday, February 5th
Through his passion for innovation, he has become the voice for such creative flash techniques as high-speed sync, gang light, and moving the wireless master off camera. Fortunately, Syl is not one to keep secrets. His Speedliter's Handbook is an international best-seller that contains nearly 400-pages of how-to and why-to on Canon flash techniques. He has written articles about Speedliting for EOS Magazine and Europe's Canon Pro Network. In this program, Syl starts at the beginning with the basics and one flash, and then takes you through everything you need to know; from technique to gear, to master the Speedlight and take better photographs almost immediately. Then Syl Arena kicks up the action with more advanced lighting techniques using multiple flashes. In this program, Syl takes you through the how and the why you should take the Speedlight off the top of your camera and explore off-camera flash starting with one Speedlight and moving to multiple flash scenarios. Syl is also presenting informative, hands-on speed lighting clinics and demos during our PhotoPro Expo Tradeshow. Let Syl show you how to take your lighting to the next level!


"Recapture Your Vision"
Friday, February 3rd
Janice has been a successful photographer for many years and is the leading trainer for NIK Software. Ever wonder why your captured images do not live up to your expectations. The exposure was right, the lighting was right, and most important, the framing was right. But the image did not live up to what you envisioned. Learn re-touching techniques that bring back the "alive" feeling, the mood, and all that inspired you when you committed to capture the image. Janice will show you how to remove the need for tedious selections and endless numbers of steps. You'll save countless hours in front of your computer screen. Janice will teach how to get the most out of your workflow, optimizing raw images, noise reduction techniques, global adjustments vs. targeted adjustments, selective enhancements, bringing out detail, applying traditional techniques, black and white images from color capture and creating a style that says "You!" with your retouching. Janice's teaching technique is designed to energize and inspire — your work will never be the same again!


Finding the Magic of Lighting
Saturday, February 4th
For the last 39 years Rick has impacted the photographic community by being one of the leading photographers in the nation. Rick began his career photographing for the Miami Dolphins, going on to owning several successful studios and in 1993 helped develop the Wedding Photographic Department for Walt Disney World. Rick will provide a jam-packed and high energy program where he will show you how to separate yourself and "amp" up your individual style creatively and technically. Rick will show you how to get totally comfortable with your shoots - creating flattering lighting and posing for a variety of subjects, the art of posing hands, learning how to sculpt the body with light, and more. Rick will share his approach to finding the correct light for different situations and how to use it from natural light and reflectors, portable flash, and studio strobes.


Saturday, February 4th
People hire photographers to do what they can’t do themselves. But
with all that fancy camera equipment out there so easily accessible to
the average consumer, the working photographer needs to find a way
to evolve from the days of just delivering prints. Charlie Moser will
break down what it takes to design products such as gallery wraps,
albums, cards and more. He will demonstrate how to save time and
make more money by customizing template resources in Photoshop; as
well as teaching how to use simple techniques, such as layers, blending
modes, masks, custom shapes and custom brushes. Participants at any
level of Photoshop will be inspired with new ideas and new techniques
to add to their own personal style.


Friday, February 3rd
Rebecca and Jason are two of the most awarded young photographers in Tennessee having taken most of all the top awards over just the last few years.  In their program, Jason and Rebecca will take you through the ways that their very successful studio builds lifetime clients.  
John Pittman


Discover New Revenues in the Youth Sports Market
Thursday, February 2nd
Economy got you down? Wedding and Portrait market drying up? Do you need another source of revenue NOW? Youth Sports Photography IS AN ANSWER! This fast paced, grass roots seminar will teach you how to sign a Youth Sports League and then step you through a successful photo day. John Pittman and Jim Seers combined have over 70 years' experience photographing youth sports leagues and school sports teams. They will share their experience with you. John Pittman has presented similar seminars in dozens of cities all over North America and Canada and has one of the most successful youth sports companies in business today. Jim Seers spent 17 years owning his own successful photography business and now helps photographers grow their sports business through consulting for H&H Color Lab. John and Jim will give you the necessary tools, tips, and instructions from the moment you step out of this session on how to enter this lucrative youth sports market by following their 10 steps to success!